Choose from a variety of Mat colors to perfectly compliment your images. Finish your image with one Mat, or add an accent color with a Double Mat option.

Colors: Polar White, Polar, White 8-Ply , White, Off White, Oxford Gray, Smoke Gray, Black, Chocolate Brown, Tumbleweed Brown, Bayberry Green, Zucchini Green, Steel Blue, Soft Blue.

Gallery Series Frames

Burl - Flat, Burl - Swoop, Light Burl, Light Cross-Grain, and Dark Cross-Grain, Silver and Black Scoop, Charcoal Reverse, Bronze Reverse, and Bronze Curve.

Barnwood & Bamboo Frames

Barnwood frames are produced from re-purposed wood harvested from old barns, floor boards, marine wood, and fences from the Santa Cruz, California area. The wood is cleaned before use, but roughness, imperfections and discoloration are inherent to the material making each handcrafted Barnwood Frame truly one-of-a-kind.

Classic Wood Frames

Box and Flat Profiles in White, Natural Basswood, Cherry, Walnut, Mocha, Charcoal, and Black Finishes.

Modern Frames

Champagne Block, Gold Block, Champagne Flat, Grain and Gold; Natural Fog and Natural Dusk Box; MidCentury in Oak, Walnut, White, and Black; White and Black Block and Tall Block.

Ornate Frames

Small French in Silver, Gold, and Black, Large French in Gold and Black.

Americana Frames

Elegance and Statement Profiles in Gold, Silver, Black, and Ivory with a Lightly Distressed Texture.

Metal Frames

Wide Profile in Silver, Gold, Copper, Light Pewter, and Black; Flat Profile in Black and Silver; Box Profile in Black, Silver, Light Pewter, and Dark Pewter.